Superior Service and Great Customer Experience

MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) helped us streamline our services and increase our productivity which allows us to better serve our clients. They offer superior service in a timely manner. They intercepted a hacking attempt at our office and kept us from losing any work time while they dealt with the issue. Technology is constantly changing and MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) keeps me abreast of what I need to be doing so that I can focus on running my business.

Doreen Yaffa Yaffa Family Law Group

Proactive Maintenance and Management

Time is money and if you are down, you are done. MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) proactive instead of reactive which means that if we do have an issue, it is quickly resolved. If you feel like you’re spending more time on making sure your systems and computers are up and running and you need some way to get that off your plate so you can focus on a client, other systems in your company, or the bottom line, then you can definitely benefit from working with MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion).

Kevin Donato Apple Printing & Advertising Specialties

Seamless Integration and Here When We Need Them

We appreciate the personal touch from MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion). We aren’t just a number in their system, and we know that if we need them,we can count on them to be here. With them in charge, we know that when we turn on the computers, they are going to do what we need them to do. They have integrated our local and National services and allow us to work remotely. They helped us upgrade our phone system to a VOIP system which enhances our remote functionality and saved us money. Give MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) a try and they’ll take care of you.

Jeff National Non-Profit Organization

Customer Focused, Committed Professionals

I came to MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) after talking to others who had used their services and have been a client for almost 10 years now.  They have been a valued asset to my company as they keep us up and running, and keep our data secure.  When you outsource your IT, you want someone you can trust and that will do what they say they will do.  When you hire the experts at MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion), you can be sure that they have your best interests in mind, and will make sure that what you don’t know doesn’t hurt your business.

Adam Corin Niroc Consultants

Diligent and Responsive

After working with MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) for several years, I can confidently say that here is little or no down time. Even in the face of something that cannot be fixed quickly, MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) is diligent in solving the issue and keeping us apprised. Moreover, MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) keeps up on the latest technology and software updates and keeps us current.

Kathleen Pratt Office Manager at Benson Mucci & Weiss, P.L Kathleen Pratt Office Manager
Benson Mucci & Weiss, P.L

Responsive and Great Knowledge

When we had to break up with our previous IT provider, we were referred to MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) by a trusted associate. They brought us on board quickly and efficiently. If you’re on the fence about your IT provider, I recommend MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) because they are highly responsive and very knowledgeable.

Jeffrey Eisensmith Attorney at Law Jeffrey Eisensmith Attorney at Law

Professional and Responsive

MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) has been very responsive to my needs and the needs of my staff. We are working remotely, and it’s more of a challenge. MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) is able to get it done. I’m very pleased with their work and professionalism.

Gary Landau Attorney Gary Landau Attorney

Timely, Responsible and Efficient

My phone calls are returned almost immediately, and my computer is always operational. If you are on the fence, you can call me personally and I will tell you how polite,  responsible and efficient MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) is. They have been phenomenal!

Charles Cohen The Law Office of Charles H. Cohen, P.A.

Diverse Knowledge, Honest and Excellent Response Time

MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) has diverse knowledge and experience with technology and is able to support all of our different systems and programs. Timeliness is important to us, and when we call you, we know that you will respond quickly and efficiently.  I depend on MK Tech Group's (now IT Fusion) knowledge, reliability, and honesty to help our company continue to thrive and grow.

Nayibe Morales AdGraphics

Reliable and Fast

MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) provides great service.  When I contact them for support, I know they will get on it right away. Reliability and quick response time is a big bonus to us.  When something is going wrong with your systems you need someone who is reliable and responds quickly.  We are very happy with MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion), and you will be too.

Joe Robilio Concord Marine

We need fast moving help.

We are flying each day and we cannot have an organization take too much time with our technology issues. MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) is fast and responsive...we love that aspect of their business. Thus far there has not been an issue that they could not fix. They know what they are doing...MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) gets the job done fast.

James Buscemi from Home Care Assistance North Broward James Buscemi Home Care Assistance
North Broward

Secures my Patients’ Information and Responds Quickly

When it comes to patient privacy, as a medical office we can never be too careful. When we were looking for a new IT provider, we were fortunate to find MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion). Not only can I get someone on the phone quickly to get my issues addressed, I feel extremely secure in keeping my patients’ information private. If you’re looking for an IT provider, don’t look any further. No other company compares to MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion). I give them my highest recommendation.

Dr. Bo Brooks Chiropractor Dr. Bo Brooks Chiropractor

Fast Response Time and Local

The biggest benefit we’ve experienced with MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) is the super-fast response time in times of IT duress. Thankfully, we’ve not had to use the hypothetical NEED HELP NOW button with any frequency. MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) understands that our technology IS our business. It’s helpful to have the same locally based person responsible for our technology needs. There’s a friendly and familiar smile dealing with our gadgets and gizmos. The Dennis Moran Agency strongly recommends MK Tech Group (now IT Fusion) as being the ideal local source to support your business technology.

Dennis Moran from All State Agency Dennis Moran All State Agency